Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woolly jacket

Nearly done!
woolly jacket
I decided to topstitch around the back of the neck only. The fronts are all interfaced so I don't have to worry about the seams coming unravelled. But at the back of the neck, the thin lining fabric is sewn to the loosely woven woolly fabric and I feared an early dismantling of the neck due to fabric failure. I sewed a second line of stitching beside the first but then, after I had turned the jacket right side out, I put a line of topstitching on to reinforce everything.
woolly jacket
It fits and doesn't bind anywhere. Maybe they fixed the pattern after earlier complaints? Maybe that little side piece went missing? It is very small - a "jackette". The sleeves are 3/4 and the hem hits only a few inches below my waist. But I did only have 1.1 metres of fabric! But I like it. It's light and shouldn't make me too hot while I wave my arms about in the front of the classroom.
woolly jacket
Now I just have to choose the button. There's only one button at the neck. Carmen suggested yesterday in the comments that she liked the largest gold button, in the lower right in this pic. I like that big button too but I am also leaning toward the shiny plastic brown button in the lower left. The big gold one is really big and almost sparkly. Maybe I should go for the smaller, duller gold one in the upper right?


XUP said...

I definitely think the shiny brown one on the lower left.

Anonymous said...

I can't get my log in to work ... it's Lorna!) Definitely the lower left .. it's shape echoes the weave of the wool and the colour is neat, too. Not too metallic but has other colours in it as well ... depending on the colour you wear under the jackette (love that word!) the button can really pop!

As for Darrell's sale ... I bought some lovely wool as well for work. The sale made it worth my while to go big and get the wool cashmere blend that I wouldn't normally have afforded! Now I just have to find the right pattern to you soon!

patsijean said...

"Maybe I should go for the smaller, duller gold one in the upper right? ..... Nah! Go for the gold. I like the larger button, bottom right. When there is only one button, it has to hold its own and make a statement. The jacket is really nice.