Friday, August 01, 2008

White denim jacket and skirt

So I got some plain wood buttons. There wasn't a huge choice so I settled on some shank buttons because they weren't very dark, or very big or very textured. Sort of like the Baby Bear's middle of the road choices.
white denim outfit
I wanted to get them now because it is far easier to put a buttonhole on the pocket flap before you sew it to the jacket.
white denim outfit
Here, I've made the holes and set the buttons on the flaps, with the shank in the buttonhole.
white denim outfit
The other decision I made was about the skirt pocket facing or lining. I didn't want to use the denim because then the pockets would be too thick and look weird. I had some almost white lining but then I remembered the thinner cotton I used to make the last two white shirts I made so I used that instead. You can't really tell from the photo but the denim is in the middle, the lining on the left and the shirt fabric on the right.
white denim outfit
The skirt zipper is a mock fly - a real one is more complicated.
white denim outfit
The zipper itself is too long, even at the regular skirt size, 18 cm length, because the waistband is supposed to sit just below the waist. So I sew a zigzag stitch in one spot as a new stop, above the original metal stop at the bottom, and cut off the excess zipper tape.
white denim outfit
Here's the fly with just the one side sewed down.
white denim outfit
Here's the fly with both sides sewed down. Not too exciting but simple is good too.


Meg said...

I love that tan button on white. Very tasteful.

this vignette said...

What makes that fly a mock fly? It looks regular to me. Thanks.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Meg!

T.V., if you check this page out, you will see the difference. A real fly has more pieces to it. Also, check the fly on a pair of jeans that you own and you will see how a real fly is much more constructed than the mock fly.