Monday, August 04, 2008

White denim skirt

Working on the skirt. I have made this pattern a few times before.
skirt (waistband)
I always put on the belt loops, even though almost all of my belts date from when they went around the waist itself, and so they are 6 inches too short for going around the below-waist area now. I really need to get over to Winners and get a couple of longer belts. AND I need some more leotards (tights) for the Fall. I know! It is too early to think about putting leotards on! I haven't even worn this white summer skirt yet! But, I DO need leotards, more than pantyhose.
skirt (waistband)
Now that I have discovered how to put a waistband (or collar, etc.) on without hand-sewing the facing to the inside, it is a more straightforward procedure and takes less time. (You sew the band on to the INside of the skirt and then sew the band to the outside with topstitching.)
skirt (waistband)
Then you figure out where you want to place the belt loops.
skirt (waistband)
I tack the loop down about a half an inch onto the body of the skirt, so it won't stick out later. Then you sew the band down, catching in the bottom of the loop.
white denim skirt
After that, you fold over the top of the belt loop and get it ready to be sewn down to the band but the line of topstitching at the top of the band.
white denim skirt
Voila! A finished band and belt loop.
white denim skirt
I was going to blog just about the loops when I realized that all I needed was a button at the top and to hem it, and the skirt would be finished. I am only tucking my shirt in to show the top. I am glad fashion these days does not call for tucking things in because I am so short-waisted that the proportion does look better without the shirt tucked in.
(edit: I just realized that I am wearing a smallish belt and so the skirt is riding higher than if I had on a longer belt.)
Next - keep working on the jacket.


Charlene McGill said...

Your skirt looks nice on you. By the way, I found the jacket pattern. I may have been looking under the wrong company at that time. Thanks!

Joufknister said...

It looks perfect! I bought the jacket pattern yesterday too!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Charlene! I am glad you found the pattern - I didn't know what to think.

Welcome to my blog Joufknister! I think you'll find the pattern is pretty straightforward. It didn't even confuse me the second time I made it (this time) - I tend to get a little cocky and not read everything the second time around.