Monday, August 11, 2008

White jacket and other things finished

I got bored with sewing the white jacket and violated my Rule and made a navy denim skirt in the meantime. In my defense, I had had the navy denim hanging over the railing since Spring, planning to make the skirt. It was after I finished the white denim skirt and realized what a good job I'd done and how much I was already wearing it, that I caved and interrupted the jacket to make the other skirt.
navy denim skirt
It's like my navy denim jacket - something I have always wanted but never had until I made it for myself. It has pockets, a "waist"band, front fly and flat felled seams. A classic.
pocket lining
To cut down on bulk, I lined the pockets with some craft cotton I had, just for fun.
Since I was on a roll with finishing projects, I sewed three snaps to the embroidered linen jacket. I didn't cover them because, when I tried putting even the thin silk over the snap, it snagged and made the unsnapping difficult. I will probably always wear this jacket done up anyway. Now I just have to find new buttons.
pick stitch
Next, I pick-stitched the facings to the front of the navy linen blend jacket.
pick stitch
I used navy thread and you really can't see the stitching, which is what I wanted in this case.
white denim jacket
Finally, I also finished the white jacket. I really like the accent of the wood buttons. What next!?


Vicki said...

Your white jacket looks great - very professional. The denim skirt is pretty cool too :)

Anonymous said...

You are sew awesome! I wish I had even a slight bit of your stick-to-it-iv-ness! If I did I would have more new clothes to wear just as you do! Thanks for the inspiration!

Chicago Sarah said...

Okay, I'm going to dig out the sewing machine and get working on a denim skirt. Those are awesome!

Ruth said...

I love the fit of your denim skirt.... so much so that I just found and bought a copy of that same pattern. :)

JuliaR said...

Thanks all! Although it is casual, I think a classic navy denim skirt is so versatile - like jeans, it goes with practically everything. Today however, I am back to wearing the white denim because there are only a couple of weeks of Summer left and then I'll have to put it away!

Ruth, that pattern works well but you should know that I have modified it by lengthening it quite a bit and by lengthening it, I also changed the angle of the flare (the A-line) so it is straighter. I also gained some weight since I bought the pattern so I have made it bigger by simply adding an inch (or so!) to the back seam allowance and also to the waistband. It seems to be very forgiving in that department. I made it short the first time and it was just too short for someone well past 40. Now that I am 50, I have added length to it again. :)

Carmen said...

Julia, just too cool! I can't believe how busy you've been. I love it all...but I have a special weakness for the linen jacket....

JuliaR said...

Carmen, forgot to say thanx! But since we have been emailing each other, I know you will forgive me. :) Also, you'll get to see the jacket in action tomorrow!

Ruth said...

Yes, I saw your modifications in your white skirt version. I have a rtw skirt that is very similar, and this pattern (it came today!) will be the jumping off point for me to duplicate it.

Thank you for the inspiration!

JuliaR said...

You are entirely welcome Ruth!