Friday, August 15, 2008

Little woolly jacket - we hope

First, cleaning up leftovers.
basic skirt
I had quite a bit of the navy linen blend left over so I decided to make a plain skirt. I had made a long, high-waisted skirt to match the short navy jacket. But like white shirts, I don't think you can ever have too many navy skirts. So I used the reliable, slightly below the waist, waistband-less skirt and hemmed it at the knee. This also allowed me to verify how much fabric I need to make one of these skirts, so I can get 0.8 metres of some plain wool to make a few more. I seem to have a lot of wacky jackets and print shirts so I need plain skirts to go with.
little jacket
Next, a new jacket pattern.
In a previous post, I was warned in the comments against using this pattern. Marji said she and other people had ended up throwing out the jacket after they made it, due to problems under the arm.
little jacket
I laid out the pattern pieces and overlaid them with tried-and-true pieces from other patterns. Nothing seemed too amiss. And since I had this piece of acrylic that I got as a remnant just sitting there in my stash, I decided to be reckless and make the new pattern.
little jacket
I had exactly 1.1 metres of this acrylic stuff. I got the remnant thinking I would make a skirt but the more I looked at the loose weave, the less I liked the skirt idea. I decided to make the view with no collar at all and three-quarter sleeves and I just squeezed all the pattern pieces on to the fabric.
little jacket
In the hopeful anticipation that the jacket will work, I cut each piece out in a single layer so that the houndstooth will match everywhere and be straight. I even cut the back out, which is normally on the fold, by cutting out one half and then folding the pattern piece over and cutting out the other half.
little jacket
Rather than trying to match the notches, I cut out the front and back and side pieces with the bottoms lined up with a white stripe.
little jacket
When I got one piece cut out, I laid it down on the fabric, right sides together and lined up all the stripes and pinned the pieces together and cut out the corresponding other piece, so they would be identical mirror image pieces. Now for the interfacing and lining and then we shall see if this thing goes together or not.


xup said...

I beg to differ. You can absolutely have too many navy skirts. One is one too many. I have a morbid dislike of navy skirts. (See, I told you I wouldn't have any intelligent comments to make on a sewing blog)

JuliaR said...

Interesting, Xup! I had to go look 'morbid' up to see if I had such a dislike of any clothing:
"suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude; unwholesomely gloomy, sensitive, extreme, etc."
I guess it could be high heels, for me. They look nice but they kill my feet. Maybe underwire bras too? Those wires never lie flat on my ribs. Also, see: thong underwear.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I hope the jacket works out for you, it is a very cute style.

JuliaR said...

I hope so too Ann. I pinned the pieces on Rose (my dummy) and they look like they will fit - we shall see.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking a tailoring class that taught me how to match plaids back in the late seventies. I was so proud that all my seams matched. I remember making sure that the seam matched where the stitches would be, rather than the edges. A seam could end up mismatched, if not checked at the 5/8" seam mark. That's where we put our pins, right on the stitching line so it wouldn't budge.

You are a very creative seamstress, and I love reading your blog.

JuliaR said...

Thanks for the compliments Momof16! That's a lot of kids - I'd never have time to sew for myself. But kid's clothes are so cute! Welcome to my blog and best of luck to you in your endeavours!

Sandy said...

I love the fabric you are using for this. And you are doing a great job of matching the plaid. I didn't have good luck with this pattern but I think that is more my shape than the pattern itself.

JuliaR said...

Sandy, I hope you are right! I am trying to start sewing today, after some delays, and will know soon if it fits.

Marji said...

Love that fabric too.
Your jacket looks really really nice.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Marji! It has been HOT this week so I am still in linen. But the jacket awaits.