Thursday, July 17, 2008

I has a ham!

Well that was the most thorough breast exam I've ever had. And the mammogram was the least objectionable. Those women know what they are doing. The only bad thing was that I got lost on the way and arrived 10 minutes late and in a positive lather. I kept apologizing for dripping sweat all over their machines. I loathe and detest whoever designed how the Queensway crosses Carling and splits Carling and all the other idiots who don't put visible numbers on their stupid buildings. I was also mad at myself for imagining the building when I heard the person tell me it was in a "small mall". I was envisioning a 4 or 6 plex but it turns out it is in a much larger place than that, which has an anchor grocery store for heaven's sake. Anyway, I rode sedately back to the Fabricland on the way home and got the seam binding I needed. I also escaped buying more fabric.
navy buttons
I got some nice, plain dark buttons for the navy linen blend jacket. Mostly matte with a little shine around the edges.
And I got a ham! I has a ham! Okay, it's a walrus with a bucket, but it cracks me up too. I have grown tired of pressing shoulders and other curvy bits inadequately on the sleeve board. Hmm, bad photo, but then, you know what a ham is. And if not, I'll be sure to show pix of me using it.
jacket pattern
And I have acquired some more jacket patterns (Vogue V8146). I seem to be obsessed with detail on the back. It's similar to the linen jacket I just made but has no yoke and it's not pleated.
red Chinese linen
I have continued to muse about the red Chinese linen that a student who became a friend got me from China.
jacket pattern
And now I think I have the right pattern (New Look 6619). I just have to decide whether to make the large collar or the smaller, stand-up one. I am leaning toward the large one because the fabric is already Chinese enough, without going for the look of the mandarin collar.


toy said...

this is a beautiful pattern, can't wait to see your sew this up and congrats on the Ham, lol, I would have thought you had one already

Meg said...

Mammograms! I still need to get one! I know SO well about getting lost on the way to the doctor's, then sweating and having to disrobe! Oh, gosh.

Carmen said...

Hey, Julia, remember the muslin I showed you? The one I made for Darrell's course and the one he so magically altered? It's that pattern! Isn't the jacket cute?

Graham Shenanigans said...

I love the jacket patterns. I haven't ventured out enough to try sewing for me. I am not too good at following patterns so I buy the ebooks and make clothes for children. I am gonna have to get brave soon though.

What in the world is a ham?

JuliaR said...

Toy, I liked both jackets but I think I will make up the one with the big collar first.

Meg, you probably only "need" a mammogram in your late 40s, if then, depending on family history. My doctor started sending me 4 years ago. This time, I was sweating so much from biking in a panic that another woman in the waiting room wondered if I was having a hot flash! Not yet, I said!

Carmen, you should make the jacket too! You are taller than I am and would look smashing in that combo! I have a similar dress pattern I used for years - that was the dress I was wearing at the BBQ. Maybe I'll use the new pattern for a change.

GS, take your sewing like baby steps and pretty soon, you'll be making jackets. Go for unlined ones first. A ham is a padded lump (shaped like a canned ham) over which you can press rounded parts like the shoulder. Pressing is EVERYthing is sewing!

Marji said...

Julia, you haven't cut that jacket yet have you?
We really really need to start reviewing the patterns that Don't work on Pattern Reveiw.
MaryBeth, of the sewing Divas made this and had huge problems making it work - ended up, on Els recommendation, adding gussets to the underarm.
I made it in muslin for my sister and ended up wadding it, and never translating it to cloth. And most recently Zoubida tried making it (Stitchers Guild) and ended up giving up on it, although hers was in fashion fabric, and wadding it.
The pattern draft has serious problems.
Hope I've read this and commented in time to keep you from cutting this.

JuliaR said...

Wow, thanks for the tip Marji! I haven't even taken it out of the envelope. I assume you mean the New Look pattern and not the Vogue? Now I will be sure to lay all the pattern pieces on top of similar jacket pattern pieces I have to see where the problem is. And I will blog about it for sure!

Kristin said...

I was just wondering if you make the jacket, are you are going to have to adopt that smug look that the model has on the New Look pattern? What's her story?

JuliaR said...

Kristin, I don't know that I'd call it "smug" but it is odd, I agree. I sure hope I don't look like that, especially after the warning Marji gave me about the pattern not even working!