Saturday, July 26, 2008

Navy linen outfit, finished

Done! Well, mostly anyway.
navy linen jacket
I have put a line of basting down the edge of the facing, to keep it from bagging at the bottom, which is often a problem. I pressed the heck out of the fronts at the facings, because one was bagging more than the other. Then, while it was still flat on the ironing board, I basted the facing to the front.
navy linen jacket
Now that the buttons and buttonholes are done, I am thinking about pick stitching (in navy) where the basting is now. I have always had "issues" with facings - they flap open, the raw edge ravels even if it is finished. So if I pick stitch the edge of the facing to the front, I won't have those problems and I won't have bagging of the front. Hopefully, the hand stitching will be a design feature, especially because the jacket is quite plain to begin with. I have tried the jacket on and it is loose and therefore very comfortable, in that it doesn't bind anywhere. While I am thinking about it, I will cut out a cycling shirt for Peter.


Charlene McGill said...

Your jacket looks great!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Charlene! I think I will start my husband's "bike shirt" today, while I continue to think about the pick stitching. I am looking forward to wearing these linen outfits in the Fall, when I start teaching again. I like to wear a jacket when teaching - it adds formality and authority and raises the tone of the classroom a bit. But I also get HOT waving my arms about so these unlined jackets will work well.

Marji said...

The Navy linen looks great!
I like your rule.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Marji. That rule has made a real difference in preventing UFOs. I still have not got new buttons for the embroidered linen jacket but that entails a trip downtown which I don't do very much, so this sort of thing is an exception the "the Rule". Anyway, I should be finished Peter's "bird shirt" today.

indigorchid said...

Very nice, your jacket looks great! I think the decorative stichings would look very good. In fact, at first I thought the white thread was supposed to be there, and I thought it looked very sharp!

JuliaR said...

Thanks indigorchid. I contemplated doing a contrasting stitch but chickened out with the thought that it would be a little crooked, blahblahblah. One of these days, I am going to just DO IT!