Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Man's casual shirt

Vroom! Bird shirt done!
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
We have had some wet summer so far so maybe this bright shirt will perk things up. If nothing else, they will see him coming on the bike path.
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
I used my old tried and true pattern - McCall's 8409. It makes a roomy short sleeved casual shirt and he likes it.
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
This time, I modified the front bands. The pattern calls for the buttonhole (left) side to be a true band and the other side (the right or button side) was just folded over. I decided to make both sides true bands and I like the difference. It's sturdier and looks more professional.
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
As usual, I put the sleeve on first, before I did the underarm seam.
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
This allows the flat fell finish to be even easier around the shoulder.
Bike/bird/Hawaiian shirt
Then I finished it up in a trice! What next, I wonder?


xup said...

Well, you never have to worry about him being seduced by hot young things

JuliaR said...

Hoo, you ARE funny! It's not the shirt that is keeping those young things away, believe me. :) Why do you think he likes the capacious shirts? Every year, he says he will lose some weight and sometimes he succeeds. But losing weight means stopping drinking and I don't think he is fond of that idea. But you never know. One year he biked to the Maritimes from here and lost 50 pounds on the way. Maybe I should send him off on the bike for a few weeks. Hmm.