Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Chanel jacket

I've decided on the Chanel jacket for my next project. I'm going to use an old pattern I have made several times before but not recently.
a Chanel type jacket
It is New Look 6684. I actually never made it with the faux fur accessories and I have never made it with the collar either. At the time, I wanted a short, boxy jacket and it worked well.
a Chanel type jacket
If you look at this Chanel jacket in my Couture sewing book, it looks like it could use this sort of pattern. I won't be using a contrasting fabric for the facing and collar but I will have to go hunting for the right trim. I am thinking piping for the edge of the collar and fronts and using the same piping fabric to trim pockets.
a Chanel type jacket
I am going to use the plainer raw silk I got as a Fabricland bargain. I have two pieces of the raw silk but just enough in the fancier one with the gold thread to make a jacket. In the pink, I have enough for a skirt too. There are all kinds of flaws in the fabric so I will have to be careful cutting. I am going to use a nice pale pink satin for the lining and I think I have enough of that to make a shell or tank type top, as Chanel did for her outfits.
a Chanel type jacket
Here's the jacket in a maple leaf tartan that I made more than 10 years ago. (Note the maple leaf buttons!)
a Chanel type jacket
Here's the back. You can see it has darts to give it a bit of shape and I think I will also incorporate them into the silk jacket, although I may decide against them as I start fitting it.
a Chanel type jacket
And here is the inside. One of my Threads Magazines has an article about putting a thin line of piping down where the lining is stitched to the facing and I may also add that detail to this jacket. So after I cut it out and ponder on it for a while, I will have to go looking for piping materials.


Vicki said...

I have admired that Chanel jacket before. I think your pattern and fabric will look great.

Judy said...

Your creations are lovely. Reminds me so much of the beautiful sewing that my Mother did - she was a dressmaker extrodinaire. I wish I had the time to this kind of specialized sewing. As it is I barely find the time to sew for my little granddaughters and do all kinds of machine embroidery for them. Maybe when I finally retire, I can start sewing for myself again.

Carmen said...

Julia, this is so gorgeous!

JuliaR said...

Thanx, V., J. and C.! I am already thinking about the trim. I plan to look for a quilting type cotton in a dark pink and white pattern and make my own bias "tape" to wrap piping. I am also thinking about using that fabric to make bound buttonholes and trim the pockets. If I can find what I have envisioned. :) But I'm not sure about the skirt - I think I will go plain and straight, given the fabric.