Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cotton shirt

cotton shirt
I decided to make up one of the cottons - the stripe with a little bit of Lycra in it. It is such a pleasure to sew with fine fabric. This stuff makes itself, really, especially as I have made the pattern quite a few times. The last time I made it was the peach shirt but there are better pictures back last January when I made it in some candy striped cotton. It is Simplicity 9877.
cotton shirt
I cut each piece out singly so I could make sure the stripes matched and were straight up and down. Also, it is an uneven stripe (just in the thin purple lines) so I wanted the stripes to be the same for the sleeves and fronts.
cotton shirt
Stupidly, with all this matching, I forgot to line up the stripes at the shoulder seams! Ack.
cotton shirt
Anyway, I think it will be fine - who would notice but you and me?


Anne said...

It looks like a nice feature - it looks equally oblique.

Cherie said...

Julia, first I must say I just love your navy suit. It is absolutely fantastic!!! Can't wait to see your blouse, I have a very similar stripe that I really want to get made up - you just might make my mind up for me!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Anne, good save!

Thanks Cherie! Don't forget about the shoulders!

Vicki said...

Well I am sure a lot of RTW do not match up at the shoulders (or anywhere else either!). And as Anne said it looks everly missmatched :)

Chicago Sarah said...

The "mismatch" looks cool, like a design feature. That fabric is so smooth that shaking up the stripes looks good!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Vicki and Sarah! I refuse to worry about it. On to other things!