Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The navy wool suit

Sewing with nice fabric in a pattern you have made before makes for an easy go of it.
navy wool suit
Here is the same pattern, made with some more of Darrell's wool from some years ago. I got two separate compliments on the jacket when I wore it today and I realize that it fits me even better than the other pattern, especially around the shoulders. Plus it doesn't have that curling problem so I'm away to the races.
navy wool suit
Here's the navy wool outside shell. I just have to put it together with the inside shell (which is at the same stage, which is to say, completed) and it's almost done. Those are tailor tacks at the collar, to locate the large dots where the collars come together.

When you have any slightly bulky fabric like this, pressing becomes even more important than usual. And we all know I am a fanatic about pressing. This time, I quadruple pressed the seams.
navy wool suit
First, I press the seam as sewed. I press the seam in its closed position, as it came off the sewing machine. Then I press the other side of it, closed. That's two.
navy wool suit
Then I press it open from the inside. I am using the clapper at this stage too.
Then I press the seam flat and open but from the outside or right side, also using the clapper. That's four presses on one seam.
Next - I finish the skirt and decide how long it should be.


Chicago Sarah said...

Looks great. And it fits well, so even better. Is the fabric a boucle? I can't quite tell from the pics.

Nelly Face said...

I just found your blog doing a google search for placket diagrams-- your suits look amazing! I am definitely going to keep reading for tips!

JuliaR said...

Sarah, it's not boucle but I had such a reaction that I will write about that in the next post.

Nelly welcome to my blog! But you make costumes and that sounds like ever so much fun.