Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cutting the raw silk

cutting the raw silk
It is taking some time to cut all the pieces out properly. Here is the upper collar, which I decided to re-cut. It had to be cut on a fold and even though I was careful about the vertical lines, the horizontal lines of pink didn't line up with the notches. I saw that the collar will look a little bit crooked if I use this piece. Also, there was a substantial flaw, where the pink threads had broken. I was sure it would end up in the seam allowance but because it was crooked anyway, I re-cut it and was done with it.
cutting the raw silk
It's going to be close with the skirt! There is just barely enough in the width to get the front and back pieces cut. Plus I will have to be very careful cutting the front, as it is cut on a fold. I will cut the back pieces out individually to be very sure that the vertical threads are totally straight down the back.

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