Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bags finished!

I finished the bags this morning - I do so like this cotton fabric. If I had to restrict myself to only ever sewing with one fabric it would be cotton. I suppose I would choose a weight slightly lighter than this for more versatility and I would hope I got lots of colours and prints. But it would be cotton.
tote side seam
Woo, this photo gives me vertigo. I have put the tote over the end of the ironing board and have pressed the seam open. I am going to sew down the seam allowances even though the pattern doesn't call for it. I think it makes it neater and more durable.
tote zip top
I like this pattern because it gives you a zippered top on the tote - makes things more secure. You don't have to zip it up if you're carrying a baguette or something but I like the option. Here, I am pinning the top onto the bag.
tote seam
Once I got the top sewed on, I remembered that I like to sew down the little seam allowances at the open end of the zipper - again for neatness.
finished bags
Finally, here are the two bags. I made them with the idea that I would give them to Mum, although I am not sure she would use them. This is also a test to see if she is reading my blog (hi Mum!). If she doesn't think she would get use out of them, I'll have to think who else might like them. I already gave away a bunch of these bags two Christmases ago so I'm running out of folks.

Next, because I'm not going to FabricLand for red buttons at least today, I am planning to make that dress again. I wore the grey rayon dress to school last night and thought about the two lengths of blue rayon I have stashed from a couple of summers ago when I bought it on sale. One print is a small geometric and the other is a medium floral. I thought I would make the dress in the floral and use the geometric for the underside of the collar, the facings, tabs and one side of the belt.


Cindi said...

I don't know about your Mom, but, I am enjoying seeing the bags! I like the material for the blue dress also.

JuliaR said...

Cindi, Mum only likes to get something if she can use it so I'll have to talk with her later to see if she would ike these bags. I am really liking this blue fabric too but I haven't even finished cutting it out yet.

Sharon said...

I love the bags! One of my favorite things to make!

Linda said...

Love the finished bags! Your Mum should like them.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sharon and Linda! Bags are so fun to make and to give away, I must say.

Miriam said...

the bag is terrific, and i see what you mean about the fabric. those stripes are so in right now, too.
btw, i have a question for you - i'm sewing a skirt in a poly brocade which frays like crazy, and was wondering... i'll finish the raw edges on my serger, then sew it together on the regular machine. but how do i clip the seams - there are some mild curved ones. they'll just fray, so i can't. any advice? my guess is to not clip and just stretch and shrink with my iron, but i am really inexperienced with this. i'll be posting to my blog eventually.
thanks in advance!

JuliaR said...

Hi Miriam. I am going to assume that you plan to serge each piece first, all around the edges and then sew the pieces together and press open the seam allowances. For the curved parts, another option is to serge the edges together right at the stitching line and then press the seam allowances (now sewn together) to one side. You shouldn't need to clip into the seam allowances if they are narrow enough. They always say to clip curves around shoulders but I just trim one seam allowance close to the stitching (about 1/4 inch is close enough otherwise you can get fraying into the seam line) and then fold over the other one to make a flat fell. Even on sharp curves like princess seam around the bust line, I don't clip - have a look here (don't forget you can click on the photos to view them larger in Flickr).

I suppose another option would be to wait until you are done the curved seam and then serge as close as you can on each side of the seam allowance and press it open. I also think that judicious pressing could do the trick too. Is that clear?