Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Blue Dress

blue fabric
Here's the fabric I'm working with for this dress. It's rayon with a little bit of weight to it - not too thin, in other words. The print gives it a sort of batik look, with the watery background and changing colours. I had thought the print was floral but I was obviously remembering incorrectly - it's organic and the other one is geometric but I wouldn't call it "floral".
right and wrong sides
This shows the right and wrong sides. The right side had a crisper print to it. In this shot, the colours are different even on the right sides so the contrast is greater, but the wrong side up is on the left and the right side up is on the right. I may have to come up with another word other than "right" to describe the "correct" side of the fabric - this is getting ridiculous.


Sharon said...

I LOVE this fabric!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

JuliaR said...

Sharon, we had an unexpected guest on the weekend so I've only managed to fuse the interfacing so far. But I think it promises to be nice!