Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blue dress - interfaced pieces

I'm falling behind! We had an unexpected guest on the weekend, also went mattress shopping, had the neighbour's garage door installed yesterday, had dog adventures, having the mattress delivered today (between 10 and 1), teaching tomorrow, our garage door on Thursday, AND they switched garbage day pick up from Tuesday to Thursday. It's just just a whirl, what's a girl to do?

I'm posting two photos. They are taken with different lighting and cameras but the first one is all the pieces for the blue dress that require interfacing, having been interfaced and laid out on my sewing table.
blue fabric
The next one is me sitting out on the patio, having put pants on because of the mosquitoes (particularly bad this year - they have even invaded the city). I looked at the photo and suddenly realized that I was wearing the third print of the blue series! I made these pants (and a matching large over-shirt) last year or maybe even longer ago. I don't wear them much because, while I like flowing garments, I guess I don't feel they totally work for me. Worn with the shirt, it's a lot of blue and large organic print. At 5' 2", I'm not sure I am the flowy type.
blue trousers
Meanwhile, I am busy picking out a large tuck I put in a queen sized dust ruffle I made so it would fit on the double bed, because I am now going to need two queen sized ruffles. I am also going to have to either make a new coverlet or add a bit of fabric to an existing one because the new mattress being delivered today is extra high. So is the boxspring so I might have to add a border to the ruffle. Work never ends. :)

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