Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blue dress - almost finished

I'm done again, except for the buttons! Once I had sewn the bodice to the skirt, I could then put on the facings and collar. I made the facings and the underside of the collar in the complimentary geometric. You'll be able to see a small bit of it at the top end of the front placket (at the throat) when I'm wearing it.

Then I had to decide whether to put the belt loops on with the geometric facing out or not. I decided "not". It would end up being too much contrast, I thought. But again, you can get a glimpse of the geometric on the underside of the loop. Here's a photo of the front at the waist with two belt loops and the facings opened up to show the contrast. Now I have to find some nice buttons and get a D-ring for the belt.
Dress front with belt loops


Sharon said...

I love the play of the two fabrics against each other! You have an artist's eye for sure!
By the way, I finished the christening dresses and bonnets...posted pictures.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sharon. I wore it today and just love it.