Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some bags

I decided to make a tote bag and a matching little bag using Simplicity 9949, which I have used before. It makes for a nice sized tote bag with a zippered top. I'm using the left over fabric from when I recovered my ironing board.
tote pattern
Here, I've got some pieces cut out and I'm deciding on which little bag to make.
tote zipper being installed
When I'm making things like this and using heavy cotton fabric, I don't sew the seam together where the zipper will go. Instead, I just iron over the seam allowances and set the zipper under them.
little bag zipper being pinned
Then I pin down one end of the zipper and the fabric and put pins in along the stitching line, which I will take out as I sew.
little bag bottom
The little matching bag has a separate bottom piece and I oriented the stripes perpendicularly to the body of the bag for contrast. Here is the wrong side, the inside of the bag, before I have sewed the ends. I have pinked all the raw edges so they won't fray and I won't have to finish them in any other way later.
little bag done and tote partly finished
In this photo, I have finished the little bag and have sewn the handles on the large tote. Next will come the side seams and the installation of the zipper and I'll be done.


Cindi said...

I love the look of these bags! Great job.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Cindi - they are fun and easy to make too.

Linda said...

I like this bag. Information on how you set zipper is very helpful.

JuliaR said...

You're welcome Linda! Sometimes when I experiment with new ways to do things (like put zips in), it doesn't work. But sometimes it does.