Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Emergency pants repair

May 10 - happy birthday Mum!

We interrupt this shirt to bring you a pants repair. And they are not my mother's pants. It just happens to be her birthday.

There is a small hole in the seat of these pants and it is not in a seam.
hole to  be mended
I knew I didn't have any black denim so I cut a small piece of black pinwale corduroy to fit over the hole.
corduroy patch
I basted it around the edges because I am going to sew from the right side of the pants.
zigzaging from the right side
On the outside or right side, I start zigzag stitching over the hole itself. After I lay in a layer of thread at the hole, I zigzag around the perimeter of where I will trim the patch.
Once I am done sewing around and through the patch, I turn the pants to the wrong side and trim around the edge of the stitching.
Although you can see it is a patch, it is located in a part of the pants where you won't see it anyway unless someone slipped and fell on the ice. And it's summer!


Sharon said...

Good patch! Much of what I do in my sewing business is patching. Especially men's and boys' jeans.
My machine has a mending stitch that really helps.

Linda said...

Excellent repair job!

Sigrid said...

I just discovered your blog! I'm so excited that there is a sewing blog out there. I'm starting to day dream about sewing again after years of being away. It's wonderful to see someone's step by step work! Great patch job!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sharon, Linda and Sigrid. I have to get back to the shirts because I bought some twill that I want to make into a reversible coat. And I think it will be SO cute! But I'll be (partly) making it up as I go.