Monday, May 05, 2008

Yellow jacket

red coat
I am working away on the yellow jacket but on Friday, I wore the reversible coat I made a while back. I haven't worn it since I made it because it was too tight (it looks like it fit in the original pictures but it really was too tight)! Since I have been working out however, it now fits. Peter snapped this photo on Friday after work. The background is just the small mall near where we live and he chose it because the red complimented the coat.
yellow jacket
I wanted to try to get an accurate photo of the colour of the yellow and realized that it is a little lemony and makes my mouth pucker but what the heck - I like bright. These are swatches from the two skirts I will wear with it.
yellow jacket
I put this photo in because when I sewed the top of the pockets, I continued sewing a line of stitching all around where I would fold the raw edges in, to make it easier to fold accurately.
yellow jacket
Finally, this is about the best colour representation so far. It may be a tad warm. I have the sleeves on and now have to do the cuffs, collar and front bands and the buttons last.


Adrienne said...

Love your red coat!!!

Amy said...

Love the coat. And congrats on the coat fitting now! That's awesome!! I just started sewing, literally 4 days ago, I can't wait to get to your level.


JuliaR said...

Thanks Adrienne!
Amy, how did the guy get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! Love the oldies but goodies.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, fabulous! Julia, a trip to France? Do you know that you can get the Eurostar (train) to London for very little? You could actually take a day...or two... trip to London and back! The train goes through the Chunnel, yes they call it Chunnel for real (under the sea) which links France to England ....way cool! If you are interested, book before you get here, it would probably work out much cheaper.


JuliaR said...

Thanks for the tips Heather but we are fully booked! We are staying in Paris a total of 4 nights and Arles for 9 nights. We plan to take day trains from Arles to Nimes, Avignon, etc. I lived in London for 12 months in 1995-6 and took the Chunnel to visit a friend in Luxembourg once. I also was lucky enough to live in Belgium for 2 years in the 70s. Not quite a world traveller but I have some experience. This time, we want to soak up Provence. There will be pix when we get back!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you Julia. Have a wonderful time. I hope you are leaving soon as the weather here is now beautiful, simply beautiful. My favourite months in Europe are May and Sept.