Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yellow jacket finished!

Well, I guess it's like watching water boil. Nothing happens for the longest time and then suddenly, there it is!
yellow jacket
I am happy with how it turned out, collar issues notwithstanding. I had to whip-stitch where the collar joins the body to cover up the "issues" but I can't even see it now. The sleeves are about 1/2 inch too long but so what, it's a casual jacket.

Now I have cut out the brown fabric. I am making the safari jacket with 4 pockets and long sleeves but no belt, and the flippy summer skirt that I have made several times now. I won't have to wear a slip with the skirt as the cotton is quite substantial. I think it's good that it also has a little bit of Lycra in it too. If I can get these made by Monday, I'll take them on the trip!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this one was really fast! I am loving the curves at the hem.


Eugenia said...

Julia, your jackets are so beautiful! The pockets and the collar are my weak point! I love it!
besif=des that vivid yellow is WOW!!!!
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JuliaR said...

Thanks Eugenia. That yellow cotton pilled a bit from wearing my backpack every day while travelling, but other than that, it was a great jacket.