Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brown outfit done!

brown jacket
I have to cut the buttonholes open and sew on the buttons but I have time to do that tomorrow morning. The skirt I finished earlier today. So my brown outfit can go travelling with me! I bought this fabric for the colour and because it was a substantial cotton with a touch of Lycra but with its peached finish, I am surprised how much like faux suede it looks. It's my neutral with all the bright colours I am planning to pack. Of course, once I start packing and see how little space I have, things may change.


Anonymous said...

Waa Julia, safe travel, the weather is still wonderful here, hope it's the same in Paris.
Have a wonderful and enjoyable time.


JuliaR said...

Thanks Heather! Looking forward to it.

Eugenia said...

This jacket is so gorgeous!!!! The color is just great!
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