Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm back!

Great time! Will expound on the subject over at my other blog, some time soon. In the meantime, I learned some more (clothing) lessons on travelling and will write about them somewhere.
Here are some outfits (there may be notes on them over at Flickr, if you want to click on them and go there):
Outfits I made that I wore in France
The yellow jacket and brown skirt. Great skirt pattern, very comfortable and only blows up in a very strong wind, like we had that day in Avignon.
Outfits I made that I wore in France
The red polyester jacket and print skirt (same pattern as the brown one). The only bit of polyester I took with me (other than convertible MEC pants) but it never wrinkles and looks good.
Outfits I made that I wore in France
The yellow jacket with the red print skirt. The skirt has some yellow in it and I thought they went well together. I think I might be adjusting my bra. :)
France 2008
The same yellow jacket with the other print skirt. It brightened up a rainy day. The reason I am speaking with these nice Parisiennes is because the one nearest me has an 8 week old chocolate Labrador puppy. She was so soft! The dog, I mean.
Outfits I made that I wore in France
The brown safari jacket, standing in front of Provencal fabrics. I got a few yards at this market but then I got 16 yards at a store later. Pix of those soon!


Chicago Sarah said...

Welcome back! Thanks for showing the action photos of your wardrobe in action.

Anonymous said...

Hey good to see you back Julia. Looks like your wardrobe worked well and your trip was nice. Didn't the darn weather turn cold again...??? I was so hoping it'd hold up warm for you..LOL..yes, really.

Now tell me, you did buy extra luggage right? At least for your fabric purchases. You each didn't just have 1 backpack?

Hurry and post the pictures of your purchases.


JuliaR said...

I just realized I never posted answers! Sorry! Anyway, thanks Sarah.

Heather, the weather held wonderfully, it was never cold and although it did rain here and there, it wasn't bad at all. I am still posting (I am only finishing our first week of the trip) but you can read about it at my guru blog. Scroll back to the actual date of May 31 when I started posting about France, and read forward. Sorry but you have to go to Archives for that.

We DID only have ONE big backpack each! And even going home, with all the fabric, the pack only weighed about 10 kilos! But we went to a laundromat and did laundry twice.