Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready to rock 'n roll (almost)

safari jacket
I'll wear this on the plane with pants, I think. Warmer on the legs than a skirt. Now to pack!


Charlene McGill said...

You are the only blogger I know that sew jackets like it's a simple blouse while maintaining such excellent workmanship. Nice job!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You have been very productive :)
Very nice work on all your garments.
Have a wonderful trip :)

Chicago Sarah said...

That's a great jacket. Enjoy your trip!

Meg said...

Looks like you're rockin' to me!

alicia88 said...

Nice jacket. You'll never be aout of fashion with this jacket.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Hope your trip is enjoyable. Kind of cold here now eh! Well at least here, sunny but not fun to be outside, keeps the flies down though, so that's good.


Oriana said...

i admire your blog, its an inspiration.
one question: do you know of any high quality fabric stores online? unfortunately the only fabric stores we have in a 50 mile radius is Joannes or walmart, and they just dont cut it :(
and one day, my dresses will be as perfect as yours=]

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia! Love your blog.
Check out mine:

Jessalyn in San Francisco

JuliaR said...

Wow, thanks for your nice comments! I'll be posting some pix of the Provencal fabric I bought and how those jackets looked on me while in France. But first I have to do laundry!

JuliaR said...

Oriana, I don't know, I have never bought fabric online. I would check at a blog like "A Dress A Day" ( because I know she has bought stuff over the internet. Good luck!