Sunday, December 09, 2007

Skirt and jacket project

skirt and jacket project
I have laid out and cut out a skirt and jacket, using the plain beige fabric that is complimentary to the raw silk.
complimentary fabrics
Here are both fabrics.
skirt and jacket
I am using some tried and true patterns. I have several of these little jackets (Simplicity 4698), in various of the lapel configurations. This time, I am making the one with the notched lapels (view A in the blue/grey on the envelope). The last time I made this jacket, I made it without lapels and in the three-quarter sleeve in black cotton. As it turns out, I didn't take a photo of that one finished, nor the previous one in the curved lapels in black and white houndstooth! What is wrong with me?
skirt and jacket project
I like this skirt with the yoke and will line it for ease of wearing (Simplicity 9825). I'm going with the length that hits me just below the knee. Now for the lining and interfacing.


Chicago Sarah said...

Is the yoke basically a wide waistband? I've been afraid of them because of having to fit it, but maybe I can do a yoke after all!

JuliaR said...

It's more of a design detail than a waistband. If you look at the top of the skirt when the yoke is sewn onto it, it really is just an extension of the skirt upwards. What I have grown to dislike about waistbands is how they are so much smaller than the top of the skirt, so when you put on a few pounds of water weight (at least, that's how I like to think of them), they dig right in. With no waistband, the skirt just rides lower or higher on the hips, depending on the extra pounds. A regular waistband-less skirt has a facing at the top. This skirt with the yoke also has a facing but the facing IS the yoke, only on the inside. I would say there's no extra fitting at all required.