Saturday, December 15, 2007

Continuing with the skirt and jacket

Everything takes twice as long (or longer) when you obsessively finish the inside as well as the outside of a garment.
continuing project
With the flat fell, each seam has to be sewed three times. On my modified flat fell, I turn each seam allowance under and sew it down on each side of the seam. So, seam plus two fells equals three runs at each seam. I'm not complaining - I like to do it this way - but I don't blog very quickly because of it.
continuing project
Here I have draped the lining pieces half sewed over the sewing machine and stacked up the other pieces to sew down the fells on the left. I am also using up left-over beige thread and so I have three different spools of thread standing around, depending on what I'm sewing. I can use up the pale beige on the lining but I need the colour I purchased (more of a brown) to do the topstitching that shows.
continuing project
I am attaching the lining to the skirt yoke/facing, thus making two "skirts" that will be attached to each other around the very top.
continuing project
With wrong sides together, all the raw bits will be hidden. Not that there are many raw bits, with all my seam finishing. But around the zipper it can get a little messy.
continuing project
I have made two pockets and may attach them to the jacket. But I can never seem to get the pockets completely square to the warp and woof, unless I am using striped fabric or I obsessively pull threads along one side. I'll have to think about whether I do use these. I suppose I can always pull threads on some fabric I have left over.


C'est Moi! said...

LOL I'm obcessive over all my projects so, I get it. But it will be soooo PERFECT when you finish it and FIT you perfectly. Can't wait to see your finished perfection! ;)

JuliaR said...

Hey You! I'm not sure when I'm going to get out to look for buttons - it's such a trek up the road with no car and no bike in the winter. But I have to go some time in January to get my hair cut and renew my driver's licence (not related but due at the same time) so I will go then. Stay tuned!