Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The skirt continued

I am still plugging away at the skirt and jacket, working on the skirt to get it finished first. I am liking this fabric more and more and it is a really nice brown without being dull. I have a feeling I will get a lot of wear out of these pieces.
the skirt
Here are the two halves of the skirt - the inside and the outside. The inside has the interfaced yoke and lining and the outside has the zipper. Now I have to sew them together around the top edge of the skirt (yoke).
the skirt
This is what it looks like sewn together around the top, with the wrong sides outwards. Once the skirt is turned and the wrong sides lie against each other, it will be finished inside and out.
the skirt
As usual, I press open the seam around the top, even though it will get pressed back together again. But this way, you get a sharp edge, with no fabric sinking into the seam.
the skirt
Next, I understitch the seam allowances to the interfaced yoke facing. This will make the seam lie flat but you won't see the stitching on the outside or right side of the yoke.
the skirt
Finally, here is the top of the skirt. I haven't pressed it yet. You can see the yoke on the top and underneath it, peeking out the top, is a view of the inside of the yoke, showing the understitching.


onemotherslove said...

Thank you for your explanations & photos! I was able to figure out what was meant by understitch from your blog!

JuliaR said...

You're welcome! Always glad that I can help someone.