Saturday, December 29, 2007

Almost finished the brown outfit

Still working on the brown skirt and jacket.
skirt hem
The skirt is hemmed and completed now. I sewed seam binding around the skirt and then pinned up a fairly narrow hem. I let the skirt hang for a while and then turned up the lining hem to be about an inch shorter than the skirt and sewed it by machine. I sewed the skirt hem by hand.
flat felling the armhole
I'm really pleased with how nicely this fabric handled. It raveled a fair but but didn't go crazy when I was handling the raw edges and in fact, folded over easily and smoothly and didn't even bunch up like some fabrics. I got it from the sale table - the please-take-this-away table - but it has behaved itself like expensive fabric. I flat felled the armhole because the inside of the jacket only has a partial lining. I started folding over the sleeve seam allowance, having trimmed the jacket seam allowance.
flat felling the armhole
I went around the armhole very methodically, folding in tiny increments and pinning down the fold in preparation for sewing by machine. Once I was done, it looked very nice. Now I have to sew the edges of the partial lining by hand and then all I have left is to decide on the buttons.

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