Friday, October 20, 2006

The jacket continued

I'm really forging ahead on this jacket, especially with the encouraging words from Linda as a comment in the previous post. And I can't believe how nicely the contrasting fabric is working too.
jacket half done
Here is what I have got so far - no sleeves and top stitching to do. But I really like that I chose black as the lining and contrast colour. I was going to go with white but I think the black is more effective. This jacket was going to be the secondary, throw-away item with the skirt being the main thing but I think it may turn out to be the opposite.
collar detail
I decided to top stitch around the collar. I hadn't done that with the green cotton jacket but this isn't cotton and doesn't crease as tightly so I went with top stitching. I also rolled the houndstooth around the edge slightly, so I wouldn't get any of the contrast fabric creeping up from under the collar. That worked well.
seam binding
I have decided to use seam binding on the raw edge of the hem, instead of folding it under. It reduces bulk and make the jacket lie flatter. I am going to use the lace seam binding because it is not as harsh-looking as the satin. Also, I already have a package of it and don't have to go to the store on my bike in the rain to get more. :)
jean jacket ensemble
Finally, we went out last night and as I was standing there waiting for something, I realized I was wearing both a shirt and a jean jacket that I had made (some years ago now). I asked Peter to take a picture because I am always posting pix of things on hangers and not on me. The shirt is some lovely cotton with a touch of Lycra in it that I bought at Darrell Thomas a few years ago. Expensive and worth it. The jacket is a lightweight denim that I got for cheap at FabricLand. I wear it a LOT.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know about the collar on the lovely houndstooth jacket you are working on. Why not understitch it ? Why did you roll the collar? Do you mean when you ironed it? Lois

JuliaR said...

Hi Lois, I decided to topstitch instead of understitch because I wanted the flatness and extra rigidity that comes from topstitching. When I used the word "roll" I meant that I made sure the top side (the houndstooth side) of the collar peeked out just a tiny bit onto the under side of the coller. As opposed to making sure that the seam was balanced exactly as to top and bottom.