Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You CAN make your own clothes, and even wear them in public! (The title of my book, should I ever find a publisher.)

When I went to San Diego, I took clothes that I had made, because they fit and work well together. I took that purple corduroy jacket I just finished too because it was a baby wale (nice and light) and I was going with a blue and purple theme. But I didn't bring the skirt (lined and too warm). Instead I brought a cotton flowered skirt from the same pattern that I get a ton of wear out of. I also brought a short purple cotton skirt in a jean style (front zip and pockets) and the white corduroy jacket I made, also not that long ago (or was it?).
skirt/jacket proportions
Here I am, squinting into the sun that is just starting to appear through the early haze, wearing the white jacket and the long flowered skirt. My feet are a little cut off, but you can see the proportions pretty well. Maybe it is just me, but even though I am only 5'2" I think this length of skirt works okay on me. Let me put it another way - it had better work because I have a closet full of this skirt!
skirt/jacket proportions 2
And here I am in the purple skirt and cord jacket. I know the knee length skirt works well and my legs are acceptable. But I really get a lot of wear with the longer skirt in every season but Summer. Be kind in your assessment. :)


Anonymous said...

OMGosh Julia, it's done! That was really fast sewing and it looks fantastic!

Notice you were mentioned in on some famous site.


Miriam said...

I love the name of the book. I'd buy it! The clothes look great and what a great idea for a wedding gift!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Heather! I'll be wearing the long, purple skirt soon enough. But I'm not sure to what famous blog you refer? The only one I know of recently is Penelope Trunk's career blog.

And thanks too Miriam! The idea is that the book is for the person who has a sewing machine and who always says "I wish I could sew". The answer to their lament is the name of the book. If you already can sew, you might find it a bit simple.

Carmen said...

Hi Julia!
I really, really like the title of the book! Great looking wardrobe!

Now, this new skirt that you are starting, the one that won't be lined, which pattern are you using? And the fabric??? Asking 'cause I've just dusted off my sewing machine...Yikes!!! Also picked up some fabric from DT!

ML said...

Julia, you wrote that book for me! I'm the person who has a sewing machine and wishes I could sew more than cushion covers and simple quilts.
Lovely clothing. I'm short as well, and shy away from long skirts because it makes me look like a gnome. You've proven that I just pick the wrong length :)

Neefer said...

I love the title for the book. I think it would be great for a collaboration. Different people with different lifestyles, and all of them make their own clothing.

Your outfits look good.

knitncycle said...

I love to read your blog! I can only sew very simple things so I'd definitely buy your book! I dream of sewing lovely clothes that actually fit! Your sewing inspires me! BTW, your outfits are lovely! They look sensational on you!

Lori said...

Congratulations for making the top ten list of sewing blogs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Julia,
I had to search for the link, couldn't remember where I had seen it. Here goes:


Hope it works, but if it doesn't at least you will have an idea where to go to see it.


SDMC said...

Love the skirt and the length!

JuliaR said...

Hey Carmen! I haven't been to DT since I got canned and have no money. I should really go but my other excuse is that's downtown and I don't have a car either! Silly. As for the skirt - I have finally blogged about it - see the next entry.

Thanks ML, sometimes we just need to see things from a different perspective. And I really think there is a market for this book - just have to find someone to agree with me.

Hi Neefer, welcome to my blog! Your book idea could be the second maybe, of a series. My idea is just to get people to sit at their machine and have a go.

Wow knitcycle, thanks for the compliments!

Lori, thanks so much for pointing out the "top ten" list. I am so glad you made it too. And Heather, thanks for the link!

Shara, thanks for the compliment and welcome to my blog too!

zoom! said...

I LOVE that outfit and you look great in it!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Zoom!