Thursday, June 07, 2007

Working on the patterned skirt

I decided to get the other skirt finished before I continued on the blue jacket, partly because I wanted to be able to wear a new skirt and partly because someone made a comment on an old Flickr photo about under-stitching and I thought I could show a little of that this time.
patterned skirt
Here is the skirt facing, sewed on, trimmed and ironed with the seam allowance pressed toward the facing.
patterned skirt
Here I am, sewing the trimmed seam allowance to the facing by under-stitching. There's a bit of confusion in this photo because I folded back the first part that I sewed, so you could see the underside and the tops side all in one photo. Unfortunately, it looks like I've sewed the two parts together because I put them so close together in the photo.
patterned skirt
However, here is an extreme close-up of the finished facing, inside and out, with the under-stitching showing.
patterned skirt
After that, I needed to fold under the ends of the facing and then fold the whole facing to the inside of the skirt and tack it down, near the zipper and at each of the other three seams. A good press and...
patterned skirt
... the skirt is done! I hung it on top of the blue skirt I finished yesterday and now it's back to the jacket.


Sigrid said...

I like your jackets and skirts very much. Nice details.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sigrid! They are fun to wear too.

Granny J said...

I notice that your print skirt is a first cousin to one of my most favorite design concepts, the paisley!

Caroline in NH said...

Thank you so much for keeping this blog! I'm just attempting to sew more clothes for myself and my kids (and even 6'6" 3XLT hubby, whose store-bought shirts are *never* long enough). I'm reading through your archives and planning more sewing - a nightgown for 15 yo DD, capris for DD, shorts for 9 yo DS... thank you so much for the inspiration and tutorials!

Joan said...

Hi Julia,

Okay, now I'm duly impressed. You're a fabulous seamstress!


I used to make quilts (machine piece, hand quilt), but I could never sew the way you do, not with your attention to detail and skill.

When do you find the time?

Kudos to you for keeping up a lost art!

Joan (from over at LabTails)

zoom said...

That skirt is adorable!

JuliaR said...

Granny J, it does have that quasi-paisley look about it! The fabric store had the same stuff in orangey colourways but I didn't get any but now I wonder if I should have. I do have an orange jean jacket already that it would go with!

Caroline, I'm glad to be an inspiration!

Joan, your Labs are an inspiration to me. And the fact that you actually write for a living. I finish teaching June 28 and unless I get a real job, will have all of July entirely to myself. No excuses not to start on that novel now!

Thanks Zoom. Next time I'm at Fabricland, I will look for the same stuff in orange and if there is any left, I'll get it.