Friday, June 29, 2007


I like browsing through The Sartorialist, a blog of sorts about fashion, mostly on the streets. I don't agree with all his picks but I do like the fact that he chooses all sorts of folks to use as examples of fashion. And I get ideas from looking at other peoples' choices, like the one I noticed yesterday. It's the first entry at the June 27, 2007 spot and shows a woman in a high-waisted skirt. If I can get it to fit (and not ride up or dig in), I will be making one of these sorts of skirts soon. I like the way the skirt makes her seems taller too.

In the meanwhile, I have also decided to finally make a suit from the beautiful navy wool I got from Darrell Thomas a couple of years ago now. I have been having a discouraging run of job hunting lately and maybe if I have the most beautiful and conservative suit to wear to interviews, I will feel better about the whole thing. I was also inspired to think about my DT fabric because of the newsletter which I still get even though I haven't shopped there in too long and an entry in it which referred me to another Ottawa blog where the entry was about sewing a dress with DT fabric.

For right now, it's back to the seersucker shirt which is about 1/3 made and hanging on my dummy, who I am still not convinced is named "Rose".


Judi said...

You do a lovely job sewing. This was a great tutorial and your skirt is lovely!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Judi and welcome to my blog!