Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue jacket finished

So much to do, so little time.
blue jacket
The blue jacket is complete and has been worn twice! I love it and the green one and now I want to make five more the same way. Too bad - there are other things that need doing more.
shades of blue
I wore the jacket to a BBQ on the weekend, where it was actually cool enough to do so. Here, I am heading to teach my second last class and I'm taking the jacket because the college is air-conditioned and thank goodness because in the photo, it is 33C (91F) out there. I found the little turquoise top with all my other sleeveless tops and discovered it went with the skirt so I put it on, on top of a plain white t-shirt.
blue outfit
I wanted the full effect of the jacket with the skirt so I put it on in spite of the 40C humidex. "Quick! Take the picture!"
new shirt
Next - Peter needs a cool cotton seersucker cycling shirt. It may be hot, but we're still "out there" (maybe in more ways than one).


Erica B. said...

That jacket looks great! Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I am sitting here saying ahhhhhhhh, it is so lovely. As usual with your amazing attention to detail. What fabric is that, does it have some stretch as in lycra in it?

The fact that you do all your edge stitching with your zipper foot makes it even more impressive. Well done!


JuliaR said...

Thanks Erica B! And good stuff over on your blog.

Heather, no this stuff doesn't have Lycra in it - it's just plain old cotton. The solid blue might have a bit of polyester but I can't remember what bolt it came off, it was so long ago that I bought it. But the print is 100% cotton. Thanks for the compliments!

Sherry Patterson said...

Remember me Sherry Force I have been trying to find you for years, then I thought I'd google you and VOILA!! My email address is Love the cloths that you sew and the dogs that you love. Really look forward to hearing from you.
Your old friend,

JuliaR said...

Sherry! I totally do remember you and am sending you an email NOW! But I am going to recommend you repost you comment withOUT your email in it, now that I have it. It's mostly about the SPAM, which I loathe. I would hate to be a source of it. Unfortunately, I sdon't think you can edit a comment so you'll have to delete and repost.