Saturday, January 12, 2008

Plaid wool suit - skirt

plaid wool suit
I decided to work on the skirt next, as it was draped over my ironing board and it seemed a logical thing to do. I also decided to put skirt hangers inside the facing, to give me the option of hanging it that way, as opposed to using clothes pins on the wire hanger. I take a 12 inch length of seam binding and fold it in half lengthwise and sew down the length of it, just to make it thinner and stronger. Then I cut that in half, making two 6 inch pieces.
plaid wool suit
I take one of those 6 inch pieces and fold it in half to make a 3 inch loop and sew the raw ends (using a zigzag stitch) to the facing that has not yet been tacked down to the skirt.
plaid wool suit
I position the loop slightly to one side of the seam because when I tack down the facing, I "stitch in the ditch" of the seam from the right side of the skirt and I don't want to catch the loop in that stitching.
plaid wool suit
By the way, here's what that "darts converted to ease" looks like when it has been understitched and pressed. That is the back of the skirt on the left (the dart is a deeper dart and so the gathers are more pronounced). It's a softer look but since I wear shirt tails out these days, you don't really see it anyway.
plaid wool suit
Here's the skirt hanging by the loops. Wrinkles tend to form where the skirt does not lie flat (down those folds that are forming diagonally across the front) and so I will probably have to iron it before I wear it. But I am often ironing things anyway, as my closet is crammed and things wrinkle in there despite being hung up carefully.


Chicago Sarah said...

That skirt rocks. You can do so much with it- dress it up, funk it up, dress it down...nicely done!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sarah. My husband says the fabric looks like butterscotch ice cream. Mmm. And it feels so nice and is so nice that I know I will wear and wear it. I have some plain beige corduroy with which I will make a longer (mid calf) skirt and it will go with the jacket too.