Saturday, January 19, 2008

The plaid wool suit, continued

plaid wool suit
So it's still coming along nicely. The front is folded with the "wrong" side over the other - the buttons will go on the left, not the right - because of the angle I was photographing it from. I put a line of basting down each front because the front always curls up and to the inside for no good reason and while it awaits the next steps, the fabric can learn to lie flat the way I want it to. Also, the stance in the picture is higher that it will be (I think) when the buttons are on.

Interesting aside: I just looked up "stance" in the online dictionaries and none of them include this use, which is where the jacket comes to a closure at the top. But I hear them use it all the time on "What Not To Wear".

I also want to comment on the vivid blue and pink showing under the jacket. Although they are "okay", I think I will wear shirts in "ice cream colours" with this jacket. Especially as it reminds me of butterscotch ice cream. Mmm, ice cream.
plaid wool suit
So here's the way I'm doing the vent on this pattern these days. I want the lining to be as free of the skirt as possible but I don't want it to show at the vent. I fold back the flaps on the lining vent and sew down the one that won't be tucked under the skirt vent.
plaid wool suit
Then I tuck the one side of the lining under where I am going to sew down the vent on the skirt. I make sure it is loose down the middle back seam, so it won't pull up on the back. Then I pin down the vent.
plaid wool suit
After I pin the vent into position, I baste it. If you look closely, you can see a line of turquoise thread which is the basting. Then I sew it down from the right side or outside of the skirt.
plaid wool suit
And here is the skirt, finished. The whole back centre needs pressing again but once it has been steamed and clappered, you won't even notice the vent. I hung it using clothes pins so it would lie flat for the photograph.


Chicago Sarah said...

Oh, NICE. I'm working on a plaid skirt now and I have to say...I hope the tips I got from yours will help but I'm still a few more skirts away from your level! :)

Anne said...

I love your blog and endulge in your details - I read it every week. Greetings from Anne in Denmark

JuliaR said...

Patience, Sarah, and the ability to rip out when necessary. :)

Anne in Denmark, welcome to the comments! I know there are many people who read the blog but don't comment and it is always encouraging to me when occasionally they reveal themselves. Glad you enjoy it!