Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plaid wool suit - jacket

plaid wool suit jacket
Now I have to get buttons. I see in the photo that I didn't press the near sleeve very well but the sleeves, they are hemmed and everything is completed except for buttons. I took the basting out down the fronts and sure enough, the lower edge has curled up to the inside slightly. I am still puzzled by why this happens, especially because I know the facing/lining is not smaller or shorter than the front. I can sort of "fix" it by pulling the jacket up at the shoulders so maybe it is a function of not using shoulder pads? But I don't think so. In spite of this one thing (that happens on all the jackets in this pattern), the jacket fits beautifully and part of that is because of the fabric. It never once gave me a hard time while I sewed with it and now it deserves lovely, special buttons.

Next, I think I will finally cut out the navy designer wool. I have hopes that it will be like making sure the bus comes by lighting a cigarette. If I make the navy suit, I will get a call for a job interview.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, I am wondering why it dropped too. Did you interface (iron on) the front pieces before construction?

Anonymous said...

Julia, I keep forgetting my signature. Sorry about that.


JuliaR said...

Hey Heather - good query. I am going to answer it in the next post.