Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A summer shirt

Last day of January, although not of Winter, I know. Erin at DressADay is waiting for summer and I have decided (at least for now) that so am I. I have been thinking about this shirt I made some years ago and how comfortable it is and have decided to make another. It is what LLBean might call a camp shirt - short sleeves, spread collar, straight (not fitted) body. I wear this shirt a fair bit in the Summer because it is cool and not fitted but it also isn't too baggy. I made it out of something that is probably rayon although, since I got the fabric as a remnant, it didn't say what it was.
old camp shirt
The problem comes from not remembering which of my patterns I used when I made it. I got out the most likely pattern and laid the paper over the shirt and it seems to be the one, Simplicity 9210 (not the puffy sleeves version!)
new shirt fabric
So then I went looking through my own remnants and rediscovered this rayon from which I had made a dress even more years ago. At the time, I was wearing dresses to work every day and I made "several" (read "many") using this one pattern that was so easy and nice to wear - McCall's 8017. However, I also made them fairly short and now that I am several years older, I find myself approaching (if not already at) an age when skirts above the knee don't really work for me any more. Which is to say, I may not wear the dress made from this fabric any more so I am okay with making a shirt out of it.
dress pattern
As far as my Mum goes, she's still in hospital and still asleep. Her doctors call it it a real conundrum but they are all interested in how to get her back to normal and working really hard at it. I think it helps the doctors to work harder because all kinds of family visit her every day and it is clear that many people care about her very much.


Sandy said...

I hope your mum comes through okay. That's really scary. I'm sending good thoughts!

ML said...

All my highest hopes and best wishes for your mom!

I love that shirt and most especially the fabric!

JuliaR said...

Sandy and ML, all that wishing and hoping is helping, as Mum is on the mend. I'll know more this weekend, when I see her for myself.