Thursday, January 18, 2007

An old coat

Just a tidbit until I blog some more about the skirt - stuff to do in the meantime, unrelated to sewing.
old fleece coat
I made this coat maybe 5 or more years ago, out of some fleece that was on sale (no! imagine that!). I lined it but it's not double-lined so I wear layers under its roominess for warmth. The cuffs are folded up on purpose - I could have put contrasting fleece there - and so they are an extra source of warmth. It's the perfect size and length and everything. And I made a headband out of the left-overs. I also made the pale mauve fleece I'm wearing underneath and my Mum knitted my mittens (which I'm not wearing in the photo). If I ever learn to knit, I may never leave the house.


ML said...

I LOVE that coat!!! Can I have it? :)

Tany said...

I just tagged you on my blog. Take a look!
(Please ignore this if you don't feel like it)

Anna Shepard said...

Hello Julia. I've got a query for you.
I want to make a sausage dog draft excluder as you'll see from my latest post

But I don't know how, I'm sure it must be very simple. But would much appreciate your expert advice. You could post it on blog or email
Thank you!

Ms Kat said...

great sewing.

Busy Mom said...

Great coordinates. Occasionally, I like to detour and sew up something in fleece. I enjoy your blog.

JuliaR said...

Well ML, I could leave it to you in my Will but it might be a little ratty by then! :)

Tany, not ignoring your tag but I have been some busy so I will have to do it later.

Anna S., I'm going to move your comment around in my email so I can remember to respond later. I will think on it and get back to you.

Thanks both Ms Kat and Busy Mom and welcome to my blog!

JuliaR said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I have been busy lately and am only getting round to answering comments now, sorry.

What's kind of odd is that SO many years ago (I was in university the first time - about 1978 or so), I made a snake draft excluder! I lived in typical student digs that were very drafty. I had some flowered fabric in green and blue and I made a simple long tube with it. Turned it right side out and stuffed it with old pantyhose and sewed up the ends. Then I sewed eyes on one end with some contrasting wool and braided some red wool and sewed it on for the tongue. I had that snake for years and years and it might even still be in a box in the basement somewhere.

Nowadays, my draft issues are different and can't be solved by a nice simple fix like this but the idea still is a good one. I don't have a suggestion for a dog pattern but it couldn't be that hard to find. However, back in the olden days, I found a snake was cute too, especially if you made it in some fun fabric.

Good luck on the hunt!

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Very nice coat! I would buy it! You are a real master!