Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And now another skirt

I can't believe I don't have enough shirt buttons in my stash! I have finished the candy striped shirt except for the buttons.
shirt except for buttons
So cute! Anyway, until I can get to the store for buttons, I have turned my attention to the big remnant of brown fabric that I used for the yoke on the orange skirt I just made. The only thing I could think to make with it, because it is quite thick, is the plain, straight skirt of which I have already made many. That is McCall's pattern 3830 and I generally make the second longest view B.
much used skirt pattern
The fabric totally didn't show up in the first shot, so here it is in closer and with better lighting.
brown fabric
I've already got it cut out and some lining too. In spite of what happened with the purple skirt, I am going to sew the lining directly to each skirt fabric piece only I'll be better prepared for the potential stretch. With a long vent in the back of this skirt, arranging the lining so it doesn't show can be tricky. If I sew the lining right to the skirt pieces before they are assembled, then the lining moves directly with the skirt.


ML said...

What a cute blouse! That turned out really nice and love the material.

Looking forward to the skirt!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blouse!

When do you decide to sew the lining directly to the skirt fabric?


JuliaR said...

And the best thing about this fabric ML is that is contains Lycra!

Anon, see my next postings on the skirt and you'll see what happened with the lining.