Monday, January 08, 2007

Fleece and a great bike ride

This entry isn't really about sewing but it is partly about clothes. Yesterday was so mild - it got up to 4C and it was sunny - that we decided to bike to the MEC to look at sports clothing. That's a 20km round trip -- in January! I wore my old but favourite Pearl Izumi sports pants (the kind with an ankle zipper) and a fleece jacket I had made over a turtleneck, all under a GoreTex bike jacket. I also wore an ear band, mitts and a neck gaiter, all of which I took off on the ride home. I was ostensibly looking for new stretchy pants to bike in but I always keep my eye open for "technical" clothes that I don't or can't make myself. I like making my clothes but sometimes, it is nice to buy some that someone else made. And I can't always find the "technical" fabric, like really good fleece that doesn't pill. Since I don't have a serger, I also rationalize buying things like t-shirts.
my MEC haul and other things
Here are the clothes I got at the MEC - two long sleeved t-shirts and a fleece jacket a lot like the one I made. I especially loved the green of the fleece and the t-shirt. Also on the bed is the mauve fleece jacket I made (even if you look closely, you can't really see the pilling but it's there). I was also lucky to finally get some YakTrax in my size. Peter has been looking for them but they have been sold out everywhere. Yesterday after we were finished at the MEC, we stopped across the street at the Expedition Shoppe and he found YakTrax! I am tired of falling on my ass during episodes of freezing rain, and after I passed 40, I realized I don't bounce like I used to and it hurts more to fall.

Last evening, I sewed up the hem on my coat and expect to finish it today. I got buttons on Saturday and will show photos and blog about the coat in the next entry.


ML said...

Nice stash of clothing you got! Can't wait to see the coat!

JuliaR said...

Wait no longer, ML!