Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wedding presents

I have two weddings to attend this summer for people who don't know each other and will never meet, so I am making the same thing for each of them. One asked for placemats and the other already has everything but you can always use some new table linens, so I got fabric enough for two sets and will make them up in one batch.
The younger couple asked for a burgundy colour scheme. Did I ever have trouble finding that colour in the quilting cottons! I was surprised at how little there was of it. After some searching, I found two complimentary prints in a really nice, smooth cotton. It was so nice in fact, I wonder if I should go back and get some of that fabric for myself. I am going to use the larger, abstract "flower" print for the napkins and the smaller print for one side of the placement. I know the main colour is blue but there IS burgundy in the print. I will use the dark, solid burgundy for the other side of the placemats.

For the other couple, I chose green for the opposite side of the placemat but everything else will be the same.
I've already pressed all the napkins, ready for sewing the edges. I'm going to miter the corners. I press over each edge twice, to enfold the raw edge. Then I find the creased corner and stick a pin in it.
Then I open out the pressed edges and fold the corner over on the diagonal, twice, to encase the raw edge.
Then I fold the long edges back in and secure them for now with a pin.
Here's the mitered corner, ready for sewing. I'll use a zipper foot and stitch right along the folded edge on the "wrong" side of the napkin, using off white thread on both upper and bobbin threads. I like doing stuff like this in assembly line style, where I complete all the same steps and then move on to the next thing. After I finish sewing the napkins, I'll rip the other fabrics up into the placemat pieces and get to work on them.


Terri said...

Lucky friends! These fabrics look nice together.

Winterhart said...

Wait. THAT's how you do a mitred corner without the ragged edge showing?!
Honestly, I had no idea that you could do that little diagonal fold-over first. Thank you so much for including the clear pictures! I'll use this on the curtains that I'm hemming :-)

JuliaR said...

Thanks Terri. I really liked them when I had them all laid out on the cutting table.

Glad I could be of assistance Winterhart! Good luck with the curtains.

gwensews said...

Placemats are going to be a wonderful gift. I'd like to have some, myself! Your suit in your last post is gorgeous. I never put my suit jacket on until I get where I'm going. Otherwise, it always looks like I slept in it.

steve said...

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