Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red linen dress

I have been cutting and cutting and marking and pinning. Now I am sewing.
I am doing my usual "assembly line" procedure, sewing all the preliminary bits like darts first. I also have to switch back and forth between red and black thread, because of the facings.
Right now, I am taking a break to imagine how I will attach the lining into the dress. The pattern does not call for lining the dress. And it calls for this one piece facing where you have to pull the two back pieces out through the shoulders, in order to turn it right side out. I think I will attach the lining to the dress, right sides together, at the shoulder, and sew the shoulders together with all four layers sandwiched together. Then I will attach the facing as instructed and pull everything out through the shoulders, following the plan. Once I have that accomplished, all the long seams (sides and back) will be free and I can sew the lining seams, right sides together, and the dress seams, right sides together, and then when they are done, the dress should be all lined nicely. It's a theory! I'll let you know how it works.


Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

GOod Luck! and you are way more organized than me, I have to sew in a certain order, even before I cut all the pieces out i start sewing! LOL I find it fascinating how people sew!

Su said...

Just wanted to say hi to another Ottawa blogger. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
Su - fellow sewing(using this term loosely, as I'm still stumbling along a lot) blogger

JuliaR said...

Thanks Sue! It does depend on the pattern, how I sew it up. But I have been sewing for about 35 years and I have learned a few things along the road.

Hey, Su, welcome to my blog. There are a few key things in sewing and one of them is pressing. Press, press, press! I finally got a clapper and it's the bomb.
Also, a ham and a sleeve board are really useful for pressing. And if you think you've pressed enough, give it another shot of steam to be on the safe side.

Sarah J said...

Hi Julia
I've been looking at your blog for a while, I thought it was about time I left a comment.
Yours is my favourite sewing blog I've found so far, mainly because you sew the kinds of clothes I like to sew (but quicker and better!) I am in need of more shirts and a casual jacket or two so I will be checking your past entries for tips.
Have fun with the dress, I'm looking forwards to seeing it when it's finished.

Best wishes, Sarah

JuliaR said...

Welcome to the comments,Sarah J.! I'm not always this quick with the sewing - it depends on the project and how much I want to wear it!

Wendy TC said...

Hi Julia: following along with your red linen dress. Glad you are constructing it now, and hope the lining works out for you. I had to LOL when I saw your sewing cleaned off! I have to take a cue from you and do the same with mine.

Tommy said...

Really good advice. Lining is a way of thinking that we have to adapt to. It doesn't come natural. I like the way you are going about this and I totally agreed the prelim work is key to smooth sewing.

I really understand more about lining drapes, curtains, and interior creations than clothes so this helps me a lot.

JuliaR said...

Wendy, my table is only cleaned off because I am working on it!

Tommy, I explain more about the lining in the next post - hope it is interesting!

Louise said...

wow just wanted to say you're amazing! hope to be as good some day!
I love to sew myself but mainly stick to cushions and placemats and table runners etc, but have made some of my own clothes.
Best wishes