Monday, June 30, 2008

We interrupt this for a message from our sponsor (me)

Last day of June and my Dad's 80th birthday! Happy birthday, Dad (even though I am pretty sure you are not reading my sewing blog). I am making up a batch of shirts (you can never have too many white shirts) and may post a little about it but since they are just shirts, I thought I would direct traffic over to my other blog. I have been writing about our trip to France over on my guru blog and I am enjoying the writing, as well as re-reading. If you want to start at the beginning, you have to go to the archives and start at May 31 and then read forward. Here is the May 31 entry but then you'll have to get into the blog and move through the entries anyway so you might as well just go to May in the archives. Or whatever -- you can figure it out, I know.

If you click on most of the pix, they are at my Flickr site, so you can go there just to look at the slideshow. Some pix, I took from Peter's Flickr site but those I tended to just link to like this. If you really want to be dazzled, go to his sets at Flickr and enjoy.

Happy Canada Day for tomorrow!


Meg said...

Awww, my parents don't read my blog either. They're scared of computers. Happy (belated) birthday to your dad.

Carmen said... the pictures of your completed (except for buttons) gorgeous jacket.....

Charlene McGill said...

Thanks for helping me with the flat felt. I have finished my first blouse and review. Thanks again.