Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Linen outfit

I want to thank everyone for their great guesses as to what the ceramic cigale was for. I think it is too small to put water and flowers in but the small hole is probably for hanging it up. Maybe for silk flowers, especially because the lack of glaze on the underside would allow water to seep out. I think it would need a second main hole (not just the hanging-up hole) for it to be a flute. But anyway, it's a fun souvenir!

After I posted the last post, I got really sick with some stupid but virulent cold virus. It even gave me a temperature of 101F (38.5C)! I couldn't even read, I felt so crummy - all I could do was watch tv and that was no joy, I can tell you. So I've been thinking about my next project and you probably won't be surprised, but it doesn't involve Provencal fabrics!
new project
I have no idea if I am going to get this particular job interview that I really, really want but if I do get a call soon, I decided I wanted a new, summer interview outfit. My wool outfits are great but way too warm, especially with this heat we've been having.

So today I had to bike over to have my annual medical check-up and I knew Darrell Thomas was having a sidewalk sale so I carried on after the medical to Darrell's and shopped. And I found some linen. Now, I have always been wary of linen, being small and looking like an unmade bed when wrinkled. But my friend Carmen loves the stuff. And there were some comments made over on A Dress A Day's packing hints entry that have made me rethink linen. Plus, I found this stuff on sale for only $19.99 a meter and figured I could NOT go wrong.
Vogue jacket pattern
I am going to make this adorable jacket (Vogue V2956) with the swing back and a high-waisted skirt that will go to about mid-calf. In the first photo, I also show some cream coloured sanded silk that I am going to make into a simple top for under the jacket. You can't tell from the photo but the cream silk looks good enough to eat, it is so lush.

I am hoping it will be like lighting a cigarette and having the bus arrive. By making this outfit, I will get the call for the interview. (I think I wrote that before, in an entry on making an "interview suit" but what the heck - I'm eternally hopeful.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you weren't well Julia. I was missing you but I thought you were out and about enjoying the warm weather. Glad you are back and feeling better.

That linen looks gorgeous. Do you plan on pre-treating it? Will you try clean it later or just regular washing if needed?

I hope you'll get that interview. But if you don't, there is probably something better awaiting you.


Anonymous said...

dry clean, was what I meant to say...LOL..

JuliaR said...

Hi Heather, glad I was missed! Darrell told me I could wash the linen AND the silk so I did. I pre-washed it on a gentle cycle and then put it in the dryer for about 15 minutes. Then I hung it to dry outside. Then I steam ironed it ferociously. The linen looks great and the silk feels gorgeous. Once they are made into garments, I plan to wash them gently and not put them in the dryer but just hang to dry.

Carmen said...

Mmmmmmm, linen.... mmmmm, silk!!! Have fun Julia!!!!