Sunday, June 15, 2008

Linen outfit

It takes me a while to get comfortable enough with the fabric to start cutting it. The linen was draped over my cutting table for a few days before I started eyeballing it to see what would be best. The flowers are obviously directional so which way was "up" was no problem.
linen layout
I started with the two front pieces of the jacket. As usual, I am cutting one piece at a time. I decided to focus on the place where the facing folded, as opposed to centre front.
linen layout
My index finger is pointing down the line where the fold will be. I choose this line because there was almost no embroidery along it. I didn't want the fabric to fold over a flower and have a big bump there.
linen layout
You may have to click on the above photo to make sense of it by going to Flickr and looking at the notes. I have cut out one jacket front and have laid it face down on the fabric which is right-side-up. I have also folded over the facing part on the jacket from so that I get the same non-embroidered part on the fabric along the foldline, for the other jacket front.
linen layout
Here are the two jacket fronts, cut out, with the facings folded back under them. They look pretty much the same, thank goodness.


alicia88 said...

Great quote! Have a blessed Sunday!!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Alicia, you too! Do you mean the quote I made up in the header of the blog, "you CAN sew..."?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick drop-by Julia. I am soooo loving that linen!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous.