Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here it is, nine days since I last blogged. I thought I would quick-like-a-bunny make that white striped shirt up and go on to a new project - something that wasn't "just a shirt". I did get the shirt done and I wore it to work today so I am pleased about that. But I wasn't very quick about it.
white striped shirt
Here is the shirt halfway done...
white striped shirt
and here it is, finished with buttons and everything (hmm, kinda looks the same). Obviously, I really like this pattern and it works for me.
two fabrics
Now I have to decide "what next?" I have that raw silk I got at a total bargoon but I haven't decided what jacket pattern to use. I am leaning toward something simple and boxy because of the weave. On the other hand, I made a coat from a looser weave with princess seams and everything and it turned out okay, except I didn't really like the finished product. Something about the fabric reminded me of the 70s and Phentex. Remember Phentex? (Now that I see they still exist, I am talking about the "yarn" that I remember from the 70s. Maybe they just invented it then and it was very synthetic. In retrospect, horribly so. I guess at the time, it was cool, to be different from real wool.) Well if you do, you'll know what I mean. And yet, in spite of that reminiscence and not caring much for the coat, I have a yard and a bit left of that purple loose weave and am contemplating making a plain, straight skirt. Because I think I can do it quickly. What, am I nuts? Don't bother to answer.

In the meantime, the zipper on those pants I got at such a bargain from Winners broke - it was defective - and since I only paid $35 for them (lined and wool) I have to replace the zipper. This is something I have never done before. I have put plenty of zippers in garments I made from scratch but never have I replaced one in a manufactured garment. I am dreading it a little. But I really like the pants and I already hemmed them and they are the only dress pants I own. sigh.

And the navy blazer hanging behind the white shirt above needs repair. It is a beautiful classic silk blazer made by Peter Nygaard that I bought when I had lots of money. I wore it so much that I have frayed the hem on the left sleeve where it comes in contact with my watch and didn't notice it until the other day when I wore the jacket for the first time in ages. I might be able to just turn it under a tiny bit - I'll have to think on it.


Chicago Sarah said...

The blouse looks great! The zipper replacement won't be as hard as it looks at first- I've done one and survived (even wore the skirt later!).

With the fabric- everything old is new again...I swore I'd never wear leg warmers again after the 80s but I found myself seriously contemplating a pair the other day. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you Julia. I know what you mean about the zipper replacement. When they go on the jeans in this house, I gather them all up and take them to the alteration shop!!LOL.....much cheaper than me sitting here stressing out...in fact, so cheap that I wouldn't do them for that price.

I was thinking about the jacket, how about a chanel style re-do?

I need some shirts too and it is not for lack of shirting fabrics...lol.

BTW, I love your coat....still.

JuliaR said...

Sarah, thanks for the words of encouragement - they mean a lot. I am going to give the zipper a whirl.

Hi Heather! I don't know what it costs to do alterations - it's one of those things where, knowing I can do it myself, I can't justify getting someone else too do it. As for the jacket, I have thought of a Chanel style. I have several older jackets in that style but lately, I seem to have gravitated toward lapels. Maybe if I wait long enough, I'll go back to the round neck.