Friday, November 16, 2007

You can never have too many white shirts

I finished the peach outfit days ago and have already started on something else.
peach skirt hem
Here is the skirt, about to be finished. I hemmed the skirt with a narrow machine hem and then hung it up to see how far the lining hung down past the skirt hem. I trimmed off the lining that appeared below the hem (it was only about 3/8 of an inch) and then folded the lining hem up twice and sewed it by machine also. I wanted to get a picture of me wearing at least the blouse but I didn't I was going to wear it to our condo AGM Monday night but then I didn't so I haven't even worn it yet and it was finished Sunday night.
silver stripes (not grey)
Since I had the shirt pattern out, I decided to whip up one more shirt with some fabric I had recently got, as usual, on sale. This is white cotton with what I thought was a grey stripe running through it. Turns out it is more silver than grey. There is some Lycra in the fabric, like the peach cotton, so it stretched slightly which is nice.
striped fabric
I wanted to illustrate how it was hard to line the stripes up when I folded the fabric in two lengthwise but all I got with this picture. My thumb gives it scale, however. So I am cutting all the pieces out in single layers, just to make sure the stripes are the same on both halves. More work in one way but less fiddling too, so I think it balances out.


KreativeMix said...

pretty neat

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, I just made a skirt much like your shirt. I aligned the stripes, the in the seam allowance, I used a regular household stapler to staple the stripes together, the same direction I would a straight pin.
My sewing machine sews right over the staples. Its easy to remove them too.
Blessings Diana

JuliaR said...

Thanks KM!

Diana, I would never have though of using staples! I have sewn over pins for years, and for years, I have been bending, nicking and breaking needles. I fear my luck would be the same with staples. But now that you've commented, it's another piece of possibly useful knowledge to tuck away for future use. Thanks!