Sunday, July 09, 2006

Suede Jacket, cut and interfaced

I am pleased that I decided to keep track of my time on this jacket. Then, when I am done, I will know in case someone asks me, "what would it cost to make a jacket like that?" After the lay-out, I spent 30 minutes just cutting.
interfacing fabric
I went to the store to see what I could use for interfacing. I want to sew it in, not fuse it on. Plus I know that sometimes, you can get a glimpse of the interfacing so I wanted to see what colours they had. Imagine how happy I was to find some lightweight poly-cotton fabric, just like the stuff I used to make Peter's too-big shorts, and in the exact colour of the suede! It's 150 cm wide and only $2.99 a metre so I bought enough for a second pair of those shorts, now that I have taken the pattern in and up.
pieces assembled for interfacing
Today (so far), I unpinned and marked all the pattern pieces, laid out and cut the interfacing pieces, and pinned the interfacing to the pieces where it is required. That was another 45 minutes. I have now spent almost two hours and I haven't sewed a stitch!


Cindi said...

I sew for people and they do not realize the time spent in making something. I am making four dresses for a wedding. I have spent 2 hours just cutting out the patterns and haven't even touched the material! Glad you found some more of the material for another try at the shorts!

JuliaR said...

Cindi, you have hit in the reason why I don't sew any more for other people, unless I choose to give a gift!