Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Jean Jacket in "Suede"

Here is the pattern I have used many times for myself (Vogue 7610). I am going to use it for Liz's jean jacket and the only change will be to lengthen the sleeves a tiny bit. I have put a sticky note on the envelope so that I can keep track of the time required from start to finish (not including blogging however!) to make this jacket. Today, I spent 40 minutes - ironing the pattern pieces, laying out the fabric, deciding which way the nap went and laying out and pinning the pattern pieces. It was difficult to get the pins through the fabric too and I have a dent in one finger.
This is the fabric in close up. I stuck my finger in the shot to give it a sense of scale. What you cannot tell is how lovely the faux suede feels to the touch - like real suede, almost.
pattern pieces laid out
I have pinned all the pattern pieces and some are hanging off the far end of the table. There are a few pieces that get cut twice (making four pieces) like the tabs and pocket flaps so I'll have to make those up later. I've decided to use non-fusible interfacing so there won't be iron marks or bubbling showing on the right side. That means I have to sew all around the pieces and be careful there are no wrinkles. I have some white sew-in interfacing but I may go to the store to see if they have any closer to the fabric colour because you can see a flash of the interfacing if the wind blows the front facings open once you are wearing the jacket.


Anonymous said...

Julia, does that pattern go together easily? I love the fabric.
Curtains are done, thanks for asking.

Is it possible to post a pic of your DH in his shorts? I am interested in seeing the fit.


JuliaR said...

Hi Heather. Surprisingly, with all those pieces, this pattern does go together quite easily. It just takes a while, especially with all the seam finishing I do. About those shorts -- they are HUGE and while my DH is wearing them around the house, he won't be seen outside in them, much less on the internet. I have taken a half inch fold in each pattern piece, which means I have reduced the overall girth of the finished shorts by FOUR inches, for the next time (if ever) I make them. Patterns always seem to fit me just fine but they never do for him. And you should see him try to buy shoes! It's an endurance contest.

Cindi said...

I love the look of the suede. It is going to a great jacket!

JuliaR said...

Thanks Cindi - I think she will have to love it. :)

Carol Baum said...

I was going to look for a jean jacket pattern by Vogue and instead looked on the internet for sewing bloggers. That's when I found your blog page.What a funny coincidence that I switched and looked for a sewing blog and found a Vogue jacket pattern too. I really like the jacket you made. All your
sewing projects are so well made and inspiring too! Thanks for sharing them.

JuliaR said...

Carol, I love the internet too! I bought the March 2006 issue of Threads magazine because its cover was about dressmaking dummies. However it also has an article about jean jackets in it! They recommend the following patterns:
Jalie 2320
KwikSew 2895
Neue Mode 22873
Vogue 7610 (mine)
Silhouettes 900