Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dress finished except for buttons

I have been puttering away at this dress and now I am done, again except for the buttons. When I went to sew the facings down the front, I realized I hadn’t finished the waist seam so I did that. In this photo, you can also see the faint chalk marks on the inside (or wrong side of the fabric) where the carriers will go on the outside.
waist flat felled
When I cut the 14 inch long flattened tube apart into four pieces to make the carriers, I also decided to zigzag all the raw ends so they wouldn’t unravel later. Usually, the pattern instructions don’t mention doing this kind of finishing work and this one is no exception. In this photo, I have sewed the bottom ends of the carriers to the dress in the spots marked and I have folded up the one on the right side, in preparation for sewing the top of it to the dress. I have not done any pressing.
belt carriers
Hanging on the door is the almost-finished dress. I hemmed the sleeves and I have turned up the one on your left and pinned the tab up where it will be buttoned, after I get buttons. I have not done a final press anywhere. I am thinking I will look at grey buttons but keep my options open for yellow and green buttons (or maybe even white) also. {Must remember to get blue buttons too, for last project!]
dress almost finished


Sharon said...

Do you have a serger? I use mine to finish off things like the carriers you mentioned. It makes a nice finished edge.

JuliaR said...

Hi Sharon, no I don't have a serger. It is one of those purchases I keep thinking about but never go through with. One of these years, I will get one but for now, that is why I do all the flat fell finishing.

Sharon said...

Once you get one you will wonder how you ever got along without it! But I, too, love flat fell seams....