Monday, April 03, 2006


I finally tried on the grey dress and was muchly relieved to discover that it fit around me, as I had made it in the size 12 and that only fits when I’m not carrying those extra pounds that I am always trying to lose. Unfortunately, it was too SHORT in the bodice! This never happens. I am very short waisted. I have a 30 inch inseam but I am only 5’2”. So I automatically take everything UP in the upper body and this new pattern that I had not made before was no exception. When I put the dress on, the waistline was a good inch above my natural waistline and as a consequence, the belt loops were too high. So I had to pick them off very carefully (the fabric is quite thin and shows every needle hole) and reposition them lower. A jolly pain as you can imagine. (In the following photo, the belt carrier is still in its original position, well above the waist seam according to the directions.)
grey buttons
I did however, manage to find some nice grey buttons in a flat finish and now I have made the buttonholes for them and will sew the buttons on while watching tv. I also got blue buttons for the blue shirt I’d made last before the grey dress and will sew them on this evening too.
blue buttons
In the meantime, I got two lengths of plain cotton broadcloth (no polyester in it but happily, a little bit of Lycra) in a bright yellow and bright pink, to make into little short sleeved shirts to wear with summer skirts (or anything else for that matter). I don’t know why, but I tend to gravitate toward muddy brown fabrics and I want to get some more bright colours into my wardrobe.


Sharon said...

Sorry you had trouble with the placement of the carriers... It's a bummer to take out something we've sewn in with such care, I hate to do it!
Your button choices are always right on!

JuliaR said...

I'm with you Sharon - I hate ripping out. But since it has to be done, I have learned to do it better.

ellen said...

Will you wear this dress? It is nice and I too like buttons you chose.

JuliaR said...

Ellen (and Sharon), thanks for the compliment of my choice of buttons! With a few exceptions, I usually can choose the right buttons. Yes, I will wear it. I know it fits. I will wear a belt of course and that, I haven't decided on yet. The pattern has instructions for making a fabric belt which would go nicely but I haven't made one (yet). I have a regualr black belt I could wear and a grey one too. I'll have to wear a slip under it because it is thin. And since it is short sleeved, I won't wear it until it warms up a little. But I can see myself wearing it.